CariVu Technology

CariVu is a diagnostic technology we use to get a better picture of your teeth. CariVu literally lights up your tooth, making it easier for us to spot lesions and cracks that could be giving you pain or other oral health problems. The resulting images look similar to x-ray images where the problem areas present as dark areas in your enamel.

This new technique is highly accurate, increasing the quality of care you can expect from Pure Dental. Another benefit to CariVu is that it takes less time to take pictures of your teeth. Unlike past methods that involved calibrating the device and making sure the tooth was bacteria-free, CariVu requires none of that. This means that you get to spend a little less time in the dentist’s chair.

If you are uncomfortable with having dental x-rays taken because you don’t want to be exposed to the low levels of radiation, CariVu can be an alternative. CariVu doesn’t use any radiation, which can put your mind at ease. At Pure Dental, we stay on top of the latest technology to provide you with the best dental care experience.

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